Fur: A Timeless Fashion Must-Have


Trends come and go. Fashion experts across the globe tell us what’s hot and what’s not. But, I think we can all agree that there are those particular timeless pieces that NEVER go out of style- one of those pieces that’s a favorite of mine is fur. I like to stick to the Faux-Fur simply due to my own animal-loving beliefs and, in my opinion, a good quality Faux-Fur piece looks no different from the real thing!Faux Fur is an essential statement piece for your winter/fall look. It can be worn with a fabulous cocktail dress or your favorite pair of skinny jeans and casual top – depending on your mood and the occasion.

Take a look at my timeline of perfect Fur looks throughout the decades…

The Feisty Fashionista

The Feisty Fashionista

The Feisty Fashionista

The Feisty Fashionista

 The Feisty Fashionista

The Feisty Fashionista

One of my favorite Faux Fur finds for the fall/winter season is from Express! It’s the Cropped Faux Fur Chinchilla Coat. The coat is offered t in three different colors, but I love it in the brown because it literally can be worn with anything. Click here to view the coat at Express.com– it’s also on sale right now, so it’s your lucky day!

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